These classes develop water confidence, water safety and co-ordination.

Through games and activities, children are introduced to floating, kicking, submerging, controlled breathing and basic swimming strokes.

Class length: 20-30 minutes
Number per class: 3 to 4

School Age

(5 years and up)

Children of all abilities are catered for; beginners, stroke improvement and advanced. This comprehensive program develops a wide range of skills to ensure children are competent in all strokes, water safety and survival.

Class length: 30 minutes
Number per class: 4 to 5

Youth Fitness

Squads Classes are offered to those children and teenagers involved in school or competitive aquatic sports, or who are simply interested in keeping fit and healthy.

Sessions concentrate on stroke development and refinement as well as building strength and stamina.

45 minute class: 1 session per week
1 hour class: 2 sessions per week